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Going across the bay on the ferry!! My first time,whoa!!!

Ocean view, I'm loving it!!


Waiting in line for the shrimp boat

Shrimp Boat..$6 lb and still moving!

Some of the local residents

Dolphin playing in the boat wake


USS Lexington tour




But we're innocent!!!

I can drive this ship!!



Anchor Chain

Pilot Briefing Room

Air traffic control








One of my favorite places that we have stayed has to be Port Aransas. From Day one I loved it. Most likely because of the ocean and the beach.

Driving in I took the ferry across the bay. I had never put the rig on a ferry and I have to admit that I was a little wound up. I wasn't afraid, just a little wound up. Once I was on and we were underway, I wanted to get out of the truck, jump on the hood and yell "wahoo"!!!. I guess it was just another new experience, but I was sure proud of myself.

We were able to park right on the beach about thirty yards from the water. Every night you could hear the waves lapping on the shore.

I had a problem with one of the tires and while I was waiting to get it fixed, I was talking to a gentleman and he told me about a shrimp boat that comes in once a week to the harbor and sells shrimp right off the boat. I found out that the next day it was coming in around 9AM, so I was out there in line as it came into the harbor. They allowed you 5lbs for $6 a lb and they were still alive. I had some that night and they were sooo good!

We took a dolphin tour the next day, and watched as they played next to our boat and in front of the big ships coming into the harbor.

A definite highlight was our trip to Corpus Christi to the USS Lexington Museum. Port Aransas has a bus that goes to the Museum, which is about an hour away, for $.25. The price is definitely right! We spent almost all day there. I was amazed. You are able to follow arrows telling you which way to go, but I can't imagine a sailor on this ship not getting lost. I went up stairs (which are more like ladders), downstairs, through narrow hallways, and pretty much didn't have any idea where I was. LOL They have done such a great job on this ship of not only covering the history, and life on the Lexington, but also the history of some of the other ships and aircraft. This is a definite must if you are ever in Corpus Christi.

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