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Merry Christmas!

Our night in downtown San Diego with Corinne and her friend Carlee...

The show was in historic Balboa Theater. Beautiful theater. We were in...

There were a few folks attending December Nights in Balboa Park besides...

The International drink area helped forget the crowds.

Listened to several singing/playing/dancing groups in the Park.

Not Santa this year. The Grinch is who everyone wanted to see.

The Park was a decked out for Christmas.

Our second home at Elks Club in Chula Vista.

Our parkling lot space at Elks Club in Chula Vista.

Close enough to pass the sugar out the window.

The view from our campsite.

Our site at Sweetwater Regional Park.

Love all the flowers along the roadways in San Diego.

Don't know what these are called but they sure are pretty.

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit.

One of Corinne's friends at the holiday party wore her I Love...

We're seeing a lot of pretty sunsets from our campsite.

We left Pahrump, NV the Tuesday after Thanksgiving headed to California, which only took a few minutes as Pahrump is on the border of Nevada and California. We got a late start so we figured we would stop in Barstow or Victorville for the night and then it would only be a short drive to San Diego the next day. It gets dark so early anymore and we don’t like driving in the dark. (When did we turn into old people?)

We left in cloudy conditions and found rain, and large amounts of it as we drove on I-15 and lots of traffic too, just to keep our “uncomfortable” level up. As it was getting dark, around 5:00, we pulled off in Victorville headed for the Walmart only to discover that a city ordinance doesn’t allow overnight parking. But the security guard directed us to the next community over where they do allow overnight parking and we followed his directions to a dirt side road behind some fast food places where a few other rigs/trucks were parked. It looked like a place where homeless people gathered and in fact in the morning we did see a guy sleeping under a tree, open-air style.

We got out of there first thing in the morning (after breakfast at Dennys, which was within walking distance) and made it to our campground in San Diego around Noon or so.

Because we are staying at a County campground, they have a 21 day rule where you can only stay for 3 weeks and then have to be out a week before you can stay again. Our reservations started December 17th, and we knew that going in, but were hoping we could talk someone into letting us stay under the impression that the County would want to collect as much money as they could and this time of year, there are lots of empty sites. But we would be WRONG. So we stayed a week there and then scouted around for place to stay a week before we started our reservations.

We ended up at the Elks Club in Chula Vista which has hookups for about 20 sites, but it is just a parking lot with rigs parked inches away from each other. But it served our purposes and we stayed there a week and we are now back at Sweetwater County Park in a beautiful site overlooking a valley and hillsides all around us. We have stayed here each time we have been out here and really like the park. It is less than 9 miles from Corinne’s place but with all the traffic out here, it takes about 25=30 minutes to get to her. Today Ed took a bike ride around the park and ran into bike riders, hikers, horseback riders and runners on the path up and around the park and saw a group of bird watchers, so of course he had to stop and talk to them. They told him they had already spotted 124 different species here and were still counting. Wow! And I got excited this morning just spotting a hummingbird in the tree next to our rig.

You have probably been hearing and reading about all the rain California is now getting. We have experienced several days of heavy rain but not the horrible storms that northern California has been receiving. They need the rain so badly here that we don’t begrudge a few days of rain. They now say that the last rains took care of 30% of the drought problem, but, of course, that leaves 70% unsolved, although this area received almost it’s yearly average in rain over the last 2 weeks. So maybe there is hope for relief from their drought conditions.

We have enjoyed our stay here so far and have kept busy seeing Corinne, going to San Diego’s December Nights at Balboa Park, attending a comedy show downtown featuring comic Mike Birbiglio, helped Corinne throw a holiday party for us and a few of her friends, gone shopping, and Ed has played pickle ball at two different venues during the week.

We’re looking forward to spending more time with her in the next several weeks and celebrating the holidays out here. (No snow!) Hope you are all spending time with those you love, too. Merry Christmas to All.

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