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Paul, Cindi, Vicki & Mark - Dinner on Long Island Sound

Spent a couple weeks with my parents in Prospect, CT; where I "got older as a child", not as has been insinuated "grew up", which I didn't, won't and you can't make me ! So there !! Also able to spend time with friends on the golf course and dinner at the beach front cottage of Cindi & Paul. The weather has been delightful - 80's during the day, and 60's at night. Slept with the windows open every night for two weeks. Have not been able to do so in Austin for 24 years ! Especially in JULY !!

Meeting Lidia in Amsterdam on 28 July. My sister Elaine will drive me from Prospect 20 miles to New Haven, CT (home of Yale University)where I'll take the train to Grand Central Station, NYC. From there it's the subway to Queens, and the Air Trans to JFK. Will travel 50 minutes from Amsterdam to Den Hague to visit with friends from Applied Materials, Trevor & Peter, on the 29th.

Next updates should be from the Netherlands next week.

tot de volgende keer ("Till next time" in Dutch)

Doesn't seem as euphonious as Ciao for now !? Though 'Ciao' is a very 'versatile' word

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