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great blue didn't fly away as we passed by

what a beauty

perched pelican is white, even with a black body!

nesting white pelican

cormorant's favorite spot

osprey with lunch

decided to move away

look at that shady spot for lunch!

Joan is back and ready to lead us on more kayak trips this winter and we are raring to go! Today we went past Matlacha to Tropical Island Park near St James City. the day was perfect with lots of sunshine and little wind.

Joan almost lost all the things in a plastic bag that draped over the side of her kayak. I helped her get organized and she dried off her binoculars and declared herself ready to go. But the seat in her kayak (very expensive one) finally broke and she needed help getting a beach towel placed in back of her to provide some comfort.

As we were going along, we spied some osprey and white pelicans either resting or having lunch. Speaking of lunch, we didn't go far when it was declared to be lunchtime. Helen and Margo got a late start and were behind us, so we took a long time having lunch in the hopes they would catch up to us. But, since they weren't in sight, we headed back and as soon as we turned the corner, there they were! Margo found Joan's wallet in the water! How lucky that she happened to pass by the exact spot that Joan did and that the water was clear enough to see the wallet, and shallow enough to retrieve it! Joan hadn't even realized she dropped her wallet at that point! It was a miracle!

They talked about ice cream at Lickety Splits in Matlacha, but when we loaded up the cars, we realized that Joan went back out with Helen and Margo. Only Trish and Yolande said they were going, so Mare and I went there, leading the way. Trish and Yolande changed their minds! Oh, but the ice cream was good!

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