2013 Shane's & Jess's Wedding travel blog

Ready to go home

Traffic in town




Off to the laundry?

Picking up the trash

Buying some "art" to take home

Lobsters for sale

Santa at an Irish pub in the DR

That really is a $40 cupcake - not sure why

You even see these big ice cream cones in the DR

Bret Favre has one fan in the DR

Did Sue buy one of these?

The electrical code in the DR leaves alot to be desired

Shane making one final buy

Horse ride through town too

'63 Chevy Impala - this might be Havana

Roadside attraction Dominican style

Guy selling a 1904(?) Victrola along the road

Is this 100 pounder empty or full?

Riding side saddle

Puerto Plata International Airport

Volunteer porters ready to serve

Shane was beat from having so much fun this week

Sunset above the clouds as we wing home

Snow at the airport

Snow covered 757

Sue happy to be packed like a sardine in the airport train

It's cold outside

All we have to do is wait for the Hilton shuttle

The snow is stil coming

View from the 11th floor of the Hilton

It was time to leave the Dominican Republic and return to winter on Saturday. For the return trip to the air port I got to ride in the front seat of the van so I got some more "road" pictures. I think they provide some sense of what the island looks like outside the walled villa's. Motorbikes and mopeds are the preferred means of transportation and see all kind of strange sights from two guys carrying a ladder to 100lb propane cylinder. As a treat, a shopping trip was arranged at one of the villages along the road to the airport. We would have been better off passing this one up. Lot's of shop owners trying to drag you into their stores to buy cheap merchandise like tee shirts, flip flops, etc.

There was one last bit of drama before we got to the airport. One of the drivers got a call from Sunrise Villa, to let us know that Jess left her wedding dress at the villa. Fortunately one of the owners was flying in from the US for the villa Christmas Party and the van that would pick him up would meet us at the airport with the dress so we didn't have to back track.

The dress wasn't really the last bit of drama. The snow storm that greeted us upon our return to Newark was. When I heard it was snowing, I decided to make a reservation at the Hilton near the airport in case thing were crazy. I'm glad I did, the roads were snow covered, the wind was blowing, it still was snowing, and most of the hotel rooms were taken. While we spent the night everybody else braved the weather to head home. After a flat tire, a trunk frozen closed, and a dead battery, all made it back to Delaware safely late Saturday night or maybe early Sunday morning. The end of a perfect week in paradise.

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