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chasing the copter

We have just finished a soul satisfying visit with my sister and her family. We are apart so much, sometimes it feels like we have just begun to reknow each other and it's time to say good-by. Because she was able to take some extra days off from work we had more opportunities to visit and spend some quality time with her and her husband before the younger generations arrived. Her husband is recuperating from major back surgery and we have worried about his health and recovery. It was wonderful to see how well he is doing and we know that when we see him again, his strength and energy will be even better.

Our nieces were a delight as they always are. One recently returned to the south from CA and it has been six long years since we had seen her, but it was easy to pick up where we left off. They all live about four hours away and came as soon as they could after work. We laughed and talked and ate while my sister cooked and cooked and cooked.

We met our youngest grandnephew for the first time, a real charmer with light hair and eyes that make him a genetic rogue in his family, just as my sister is in ours. His five year old brother impressed us with his academic skills. He could count backward from 100, name all the continents and has begun reading simple books.

We also made a connection with our cousin in Vienna via FaceTime on the Ipad. She had a chance to see and talk with everyone in the family. It was a real family reunion.

The boys were amazed and delighted by Ken's quadcopter. We had a picnic at the park where we are camped and they ran back and forth and back and forth, chasing the copter as it swooped overhead. We came back in the evening and had a campfire and s'mores. Sweet treats are rarely a part of their healthy diets and after an especially gooey marshmallow, one of them said, "This is the best day of my life." I knew exactly what he meant.

We did have a mishap when Ken flew the copter over my sister's house, which is surrounded by thick forest and underbrush. One of the copter blades came lose and the the bird fell like a stone. While it could have disappeared altogether in the vegetation, it came down on the roof where it was retrieved worse for wear. The mechanism that keeps the rotors attached had come loose. Hopefully, a new blade and mounting mechanism and a bit of glue will have Ken in the air once again.

He consoled himself by watching the first Bears game of the season. The game was not aired around here and also was not available on the East and West coast feeds we get with the satellite dish. Undaunted Ken recorded the game at our home on his hard drive attached to a Simple TV device and replayed it here via the internet. Cool technology and even better - we won!

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