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Part of the Houston skyline

I think these stacks are the city tree of Houston!

Lots of refineries

Also lots of highways!

The Ti at the Red Roof Inn for 2 nights

This is a 3-story driving range. And it's always packed!

Your history lesson for today (learned while geocaching)

This is she.

Nellie knows how to keep cool in a motel

She also keeps a sharp eye out for us when we're gone

Bob waiting for dinner at Paul's Oyster & Crawfish Bar

Derrick showing Penny where some of the damage is (the screws popped...

Finally. The last leg of our journey to Houston TX to have some maintenance done on the Ti. Left at 11:00 under sunny skies along smooth roads with light traffic...who could ask for anything more?

So, we pull into the Red Roof Inn at 12:45 and in about 20 minutes (hot minutes!) we had unloaded all the stuff from our under-the-bed storage area (that's where they're going to have to do some work) into the motel room. Then, leaving Sam at the motel, we piled Nellie and Taco back into the truck and off we went to drop the trailer at Ron Hoover's RV place. When I called to make an appointment, the fellow told me to come in after they close on Saturday (noon) and there was an electric hookup in the driveway. He forgot to tell me we had to stay IN the trailer!!! Well, that certainly wasn't going to work and I wasn't allowed to put it in the fenced-in area because they have to check it in first. Sheesh. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper after hearing that. So back we come to the motel and once again, the Ti is parked right outside our room (like it was when we were running from Superstorm Sandy). Animals are all settled in and life goes on.


Took the trailer back bright and early this a.m. Gave them my list of what I'd LIKE to have done (besides the major repair that HAS to be done) and Derrick said he would call with the estimate tomorrow after they take the front off. They also have to have the insurance adjuster come see it.

Didn't do much else today. Got my geocache. Dinner at Denny's.


Got the call from Derrick at Ron Hoover's; they have the front off so we went over to see what the damage was. Didn't look all that bad but they still don't have the front sheet of plywood off. Got Bob's tomato plants out of the trailer and put them by the compound fence so they'll get some sunlight and I guess that's about it. Had lunch at Dairy Queen then out to pick up a pizza from Brothers Pizzeria for dinner.

Went for a geocache right down the road from us at a 3-story driving range. That place was packed!!! Looks like the ones they have in China...or is it Japan?

Called and made reservations at a campground in League City, TX for the 25th.


INSURANCE WILL PAY THE MAJOR DAMAGE!!! Hallelujah!! Derrick called with the good news this morning and it certainly takes a huge load off my mind...and our budget! My poor CD is pretty happy, too, LOL. Now we'll be able to get a couple of other things taken care of that need to be done. Oh wow, I could just feel the heavy weight taken off my shoulders with that news. Of course, eating out every night is going to eat into the budget but not even a quarter of what that repair bill would have been.


Well, we're still here. What with the holiday and the additional work on the Ti, they don't feel they can finish up before next Wednesday or Thursday. That's least things are being taken care of. Called and cancelled the reservation at the next campground but told her we ARE coming, just not too sure when.

Yesterday I went to see a pulmonary doctor a friend here in Houston goes to. I want to get an overnight oximetry test to see if I really still need to use supplemental oxygen at night and I want a pulmonary function test since the last one I had was in 2008. When we're in the trailer, I use a concentrator for my O2 at night but we also carry 2 tanks of oxygen about 3' tall in case of a power failure or for when we're out of the trailer for a night. Because of the new health care rules going into effect, the oxygen company that supplies these tanks wants me to be tested to see if overnight O2 is necessary, therefore, the overnight oximetry test. So those 2 tests are scheduled for next week.

I stopped over at the trailer today to get some more animal food and clothes and also picked up the vacuum cleaner. With the animals in the room, we prefer to take care of it ourselves instead of having the housekeeping staff come in. I was going to borrow the one here but the housekeeper said hers doesn't work.

Olive Garden for dinner this evening. I'm stuffed!! We each brought enough home with us to use for dinner tomorrow night.


Well, so much for saving part of the Olive Garden dinner for the next night! Bob ate his for lunch! So we ended up stopping at Paul's Seafood Restaurant for dinner after getting a geocache nearby. Oh, those oysters on the half shell were absolutely delicious!! Other than that, I don't believe we did much of anything all day.

I take Nellie out for a walk each day and she's getting to know her area pretty well. She is confused by all the red room doors, though, and sniffs at each one to see if it's hers. There is a large rose bush along our walking route and I'm wondering if perhaps there's a bird nest in there because every day when we go past it, two mocking birds fly along with us, scolding her. They flit from lamppost to lamppost, chattering away until we're about 25' past it.


Hi ho, hi ho, it's on the road we go!! Finally got the Ti back from the repair shop today and spent the afternoon loading everything up from the motel. Just sort of piled a lot of it in there on the bed so tomorrow we're only going about an hour south to League City where we'll spend a couple of days putting everything where it belongs and just enjoying having our house back again. Motels are a nice change but really, 2 weeks is just too long!! Plus, we've been invited to dinner at the Cracker Barrel by someone from one of my internet RV forums. It'll be nice to actually put a face to a name.

There was a horrible fire in Houston today. 4 firemen were killed. Just terrible!!

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