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Carpe Diem at RoVers Roost
We have a leasehold on this spot

Ken from RV Glass caulks replacement window

We used surface streets to avoid I 17 closure

It was good to get out of town

We love the open road

Back in Casa Grande

Approaching RoVers Roost

Entrance to RoVers Roost

Back at RoVers Roost

We even have a lampost

Our lot even has a shed!

Bob tests our shed's stability

An "Arty" shot of Bob and our shed

Thu, 07 Mar: This was one of those "set an alarm clock" days. Every time we have to do this we rejoice in the knowledge that it is an exception to our retired routine. We dimly recall the days when it was a daily event.

Anyway, we awoke in the parking lot of RV Glass Solutions in west Phoenix. We were scheduled to have the fogged double pane entry door window replaced at 0800. That said, Ken the technician knocked on the door about 0715 asking if he could get started. Since all we had to do was open the front door we told him to go ahead.

He removed the old window in no time and installed the replacement window. Ken measured the window when we were in Quartzsite this past January, and his measurements were right in the mark as the replacement fit perfectly. He completed the installation, caulked and sealed the window, and completed the paperwork in no time at all. We moved the coach, connected Dinkum to the towbar, and rolled wheels at 0930.

We were thrilled at our early start, but we didn't get very far before we ran into a horrific traffic jam. It seems that there was a pedestrian fatality on I 17 that closed the entire interstate. Fortunately, we were still on surface streets and were able to detour to Broadway and head east about fifteen miles to I 10, which was moving nicely. Even though we continued to move it still cost us forty-five minutes or so.

Once on I 10 we headed south out of town and finally reached the open road with its 75 mph speed limit. Twenty minutes to the Casa Grande exit and back home at RoVers Roost.

We have included several pix of Carpe on our new leasehold site. We even have a 10'x14' shed. Such luxury.

We'll "roost" here until St. Patrick Day when we plan to head to a nearby State Park for a week informal rally with several other coaches from RoVers Roost. Till then we have a "must do" project that cannot be delayed—taxes!

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