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La Sal loop

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Gooseneck State Park

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The drive from Monument Valley to Moab frustrated Ken. It was so scenic that he wanted to stop and take a photo every few miles. Unfortunately, there were virtually no places to pull off the highway, especially for a motor home towing a car. We just may have to retrace a bit of the route with the car if there's time. The snow capped mountains we could see from Monument Valley grew closer and closer until we finally passed them 80 miles later. The air is so clear you feel like you can see forever. We did stop at Gooseneck State Park to see the San Juan River doubling back on itself. It was neat to see how hard the river had to work to get through this area. Perhaps in a few more eons, it will break through the rock.

Moab is a touristy town which benefits from being close to two national parks, the Colorado River and all sorts of outdoor activities. Adrenalin junkies love it here. We know the area as a mountain biking haven, but this weekend is a major 4-wheel drive gathering and we have never seen so many Jeeps in our life. It reminds us of being in Sturgis SD during motor cycle week. Driving hither and yon cross country is a major activity here.

In the afternoon we drove the La Sal loop, named by the Spaniards who noticed the whiteness in the mountains in the middle of July. They thought the white they saw must be salt (sal), but they were wrong. These mountains are so high they have snowy tops nearly the entire year. The drive took us to 10,000 feet past many gravel roads that we still closed due to snow drifts. But a glance the other direction downhill showed the red rocks and high desert that make this area so scenic and fun for warmer outdoor activities. It must be nice to live in a placewhere you can ride your bike in the warmth or snow board without having to drive more than an hour.

PS - The jacks worked again???

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