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Since last time I have been, erm, working (cough) hard, as well as doing a few other things… :)

Two months after completing the exams in December we have just received our exam results. It’s no joke that it’s hard to do well here (yes, I know…excuses, excuses). The marking system is totally different, with everything given a grade out of 20. For course projects too, instructions are usually vague and open-ended. To receive a proper marking scheme is rare. The answer to many questions about infuriatingly “strange” ways of doing things, is simply, “This is France”.

Something I still can’t quite get my head around here is the fact that grades aren't considered as important as we are used to at home. When applying for jobs etc, the Uni you have attended carries the most weight. In fact, I've been told it is not common practice to put your grade on your CV (like we would state 1st or 2.1 etc in the UK).It does at least partly explain the lack of a competitive attitude between students here.

Costs for Universities vary a lot, but if you can pay for a good one, then as long as you pass you are pretty much guaranteed to get good job offers.

I now have final exams to look forward to, for example one that will last for 5 hours, from 08:15 until 14:20 (this includes a generous 5 minute break).

OK, enough ranting for now ;).

I’m coming home tomorrow (for a week) so hope to see some of you soon!! Xx

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