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We're off to new heights today. Off to climb Pike's Peak, by car. For the past two years we've been here too early to get all the way to the summit of Pike's Peak-the road was closed about half way up due to snow. This year we are here later and there's been less snow this winter so the road it open. Thanks to the skillful driving of Joe's daughter, Kelly, 4 adults and two kids made it to the top! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Not only was the ride amazing, heart pounding and scenic, the summit (temperature 26 degrees) was breathtaking! We watched the cog railway cars ascend, rock hopped, saw yellow bellied marmots, are dounuts and just took in the views for miles. The Sangre de Cristo Mts, the Continental Divide, some of the 14ers of the Rockies, the city of Colorado just went on and on. Brendan who thought the trip up was no fun and wanted to go back home, didn't want to leave the summit. It was a beautiful clear day, the least windy so far...just fantastic. Kelly, Kristin, Joe, Mackenna, Brendan and Oma had a blast!

The trip down took a bit longer since the car's brakes didn't pass the mid-point temperature test and we had to literally "cool our jets" for 15 minutes until they got to a safer temp for the last half of the hairpin turn drive down the highway.

By the time we got back to Kelly's we were all sleepy. We attributed it to altitude "sickness". The air at the summit is thinner and I got feeling a bit woozie...not enough to make me sit down or anything just something noticeably off.

There are actually warnings in the brochure to not take infants under 6 mos to the top since it can cause stress on their lungs...also no one with respiratory illnesses. It was still worth the trip for us.

Take care. Hope your day after Memorial Day was as beautiful as ours was...


Joe, Ingrid & Colden

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