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We hated to leave the spectacular scenery of Banff National Park, but the campground was totally full for tonight and we do have to get home someday. As we coasted out of the mountains, the land got flat and dry. Where it was irrigated, hay was being grown and cut. Otherwise, it appeared to be unproductive. The border crossing was uneventful. Whatever caused it to be closed yesterday was over and after responding truthfully to the fact that we had no citrus fruit or bleeding antelope antlers, we were allowed back into the lower 48. A bin of fire wood is in our basement and sometimes raises questions, but today no one cared. You never know what the issue of the day will be. That keeps folks on their toes, I guess.

Ken's phone was happy to be home, too, and suddenly came to life, after three months of dormancy. He had another lengthy interaction with a Verizon agent to get the bill adjusted. I suspect that there will be one more encounter next month when the bill is wrong again. We're only thirty miles over the border and can already relish the creature comforts we've been missing. We have 50amps; I can use the microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven and A/C all at the same time. The TV signal from the satellite dish is strong enough that Ken has switched to high definition. The internet here is so fast, we can stream some favorite programs we've missed.

And it's so warm!! For the first time since mid May I am wearing shorts and sandals and the A/C is running. It will feel great to have a bit of summer, before we need to put our jackets on again.

So far we haven't made much progress on our other repair issues. Even though there are so many unemployed folks running around, Camping World in Council Bluffs IA is happy to sell us a new washer/dryer, but has no one available to install it as we pass through. We haven't gotten a jack repair appointment either. Only one person seems authorized to schedule these and she is never available and doesn't call back or email as we are assured that she will. I can feel a rant coming on.

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