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Got to England on time but had to wait in customs for 2 hours. No water. No seats. Better than on the weekend when according to the papers, it was 4 hours! As part of cost saving measures all govt departments had had cut backs, including customs. There was such an outcry after the 4 hours and especially with the Olympics coming that they have reinstated 80 customs officers.

Took the express train into London and then an express to Stafford. Had a bit of a wait because the next train was a peak one. 107 pounds. The next one off peak was about 68pounds so I took that. (public transport not exactly chep!!!)

By the way its now raining and cold!

Arrived in Stafford and got to the hotel around 9.00pm where Mike and Yvonne had fallen to sleep having arrived in the country that morning. They had had a very eventful afternoon trying to find the hotel. Even the locals didn't seem to know where it was. Eventually one did know and he drove and directed them to follow him

Now its the beginning of the UK adventure

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