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Yes, I had to wear my O2.

The school that was rebuilt after the fire that destroyed much of...

This is the main street through town - C Street - looking...

Story of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church


Blurry but beautiful

Beside the Catholic Church is the St. Paul's Episcopal Church


You could also get a stagecoach ride through town

An old mine

A currently active mine

One of the yard decorations in town.


Looks like someone is looking for a gunfight!

An old miner must have also come to town today

Penny, Bunk and Brenda checking out the menu

I'm surprised Bob didn't get in on this. He's got Gold Fever!

One of the signs in town

Map of Virginia City

Do you realize just how beautiful and diverse our country is?

We left this morning and passed through some absolutely gorgeous land (and a couple of old mining towns) on our way to Virginia City, one of the best known mining towns in the west. Boy, San Francisco has nothing on this town when it comes to being built on a hill! You sure wouldn't want to have a guest step out of your back door here because he wouldn't stop falling/rolling for quite awhile! It is indeed an old town, wooden sidewalks (mostly not the originals, though) and some beautiful old buildings. Bob took so many pictures, I don't know which ones to post so in addition to our pictures, here are some others that show what the town is like now...and in it's heyday.

Bunk and Brenda met us and we all went searching for some of the geocaches in town, took a very interesting ride on the V&T railroad along the original tracks that were used by the mines to transport the ore to Carson City. I wish I could remember all the history the conductor told us but I do remember him telling us that one of the biggest problems the miners had when digging for gold was the blue-gray mud that got in the way and stuck to their shovels and picks. They just threw it out along with the piles of dirt. There was quite a scramble to recover it all once they found out what it really was. When the mud was assayed, it proved to be silver ore worth over $2,000 a ton - in 1859 dollars!

He also told us about the terrible heat in the mines, where the temps would reach 130 degrees. It doesn't sound like gold mining, in the mines, was as romantic as many would lead us to believe.

In 1875, much of Virginia City was destroyed by a horrendous fire. Very few buildings were saved but, because of the gold mines, the town was soon rebuilt. I've included a bit of a map for those who want to try to figure just how far the fire traveled.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at The Palace and then, after walking around town a bit more (and visiting shops where I could have easily parted with several hundred dollars!), they returned to Reno and we returned to Carson City where we'll stay one more day before heading back to Las Vegas.

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