9months4continents2012with Di travel blog

kim, stuart, ian and sarah

cute little capibara -rodents

the road ahead

mmm, dinner

german/brasilan our guide


me and a couple of mcaws

riding the pantanal

a little bit of luxury

on safari

feeding time with our safari vehicle

me and my pirana dinner - they make good soup


jesus bird - walking on water

would you believe a big piranha?

hungry caiman


canning and juri (juli)

using our pirana catch to feed cayman

not my best rhea









































So from water heaven to the home of the mozzie. We were warned that our stay in the Pantanal area would be both fascinating and itchy - they were right. We stayed at a very large ranch which has tourism as a major part of its income - so nice room, pool, great food and mozzies mozzies mozzies. The deal was to spray yourself from head to toe, naked, put on your clothes - long sleeves, long pants and proper shoes - then spray again - I went through nearly a whole bottle of 'off' in just over two days and still have bites on my arms - anyway...not as bad as some one of our crew one had the nick name of leper! Had a day tour and a night tour to see the local wildlife and lots of it, went horse riding, canoeing and pirana fishing - caught one! So did most of the others but it was still fun. Didn't manage to see a giant ant eater but did catch a glimpse of an armidillo and saw lots of macaws, rheas, and toucans along with some caiman so many different birds we lost count and to top it off got bitten by a wasp while in the swimming pool hurt like hell and thought I was in trouble but within 10 minutes the pain had gone and I was back in swimming. Don't think I lost weight in those few days - three full meals a day although I'm not too impressed with Brazilian beef - a bit tough - I´m told that the Argentinian is much better.

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