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American Airllines Arena in Miami

Jeanne, me, Marilyn, Chic

Laurie, Jeanne, Marilyn, Chic

Miami Cheerleaders

Golden Oldies

Keith is in front row, center court

end of Gongham style dance

Knicks taking a 3 point shot at end of third quarter

Knicks lead by 10 as cheerleaders root for the Heat

perfect timing and positions

banana man and Heat mascot in audience

Jeanne & Laurie gave Chic, Marilyn, and me a great gift of attending a basketball game between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. The drive over to Miami was good, passing by farms and orange groves and cypress trees. The night was warm and beautiful and we had the privilege of parking under the arena next to an elevator that took us right up near our seats! We watched the teams warm up, visited with each other, and even walked around the arena to see what was being sold in the way of food and souvenirs.

The game started and the score was close throughout the first half of the game. The third quarter had some very exciting moments when the ball passed between the teams quite a few times in just a few fast minutes. But then the Knicks took over and ended up winning the game by 20 points. Marilyn is an avid Knicks fan while Jeanne and Laurie love their Heat players. What a rivalry!

During one time-out, the Golden Oldies came out and performed for us. They are people over 60 who try out and practice alot for the few major games they perform for. Jeanne really wants to be a Golden Oldie and tried out for the team this year. She brought a good friend, Keith, and he made the team while she didn't! But Keith promises to teach Jeanne all the moves so she should make the team next year. There were only 3 openings and many people tried for those spots. Once you make the team, your chances of coming back are great unless you are really bad! Anyway, the cheerleaders were a big hit and then the audience exploded when they stripped off their overshirts and danced Gongham style!

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