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The beautiful Redwood Hwy Northern California

"I can't quite reach" Redwood - Northern California

Introducing 'Gus'

Mendacino - we could have stayed for months, just a very cool...

A nice spot to sit and enjoy Mendacino

Only the dedicated "Brrrr" - prepared for Point Arena

The very welcoming Martinez Family - Point Arena

Well more miles travelled down through the last of Oregon and the Beautiful redwoods, some which we stopped to hug (see photo). We crossed into Northern California, camping at Klammath River, a tiny little fishing village just south of the boarder.

Further down the coast we fell in love with Mendacino, a very cute little town. Everyone was incredibly friendly and the buildings were all so quaint (as the photo shows) it was just one of those towns were you like to hang and just take in the vibe.

From Medacino we headed to Point Arena via the wineries, well it is known as wine country!

we of course partook in a lttle tasting and didn't leave empty handed. Mike & Nola I'm sure you would enjoy this part of California.

As we continued along the increasingly winding road climbing as we went Tim recalled a conversation with Jeff, the guy we were to meet in Point Arena, "Tim at all costs avoid Mountain View Rd" guess which road we happened to be on!! Was the wine worth it? YES. Although 'Gus' may beg to differ, he worked every inch of the way.

Point Arena was a very welcome chill out in our touring schedule. We arrived Saturday night & went to an art exhibition, with Jeff's Family, displaying work from all the kids in the area. Some of the work was excellent and the poetry very deep for high school kids.

The Martinez family: Jeff, Natalie, Sal, Adela and Frances were all very welcoming and made us feel right at home for the weekend preparing awesome food, taking us on nature walks and of course Jeff took Tim to the surf. I felt very at home having Josephine (the cat) cuddled up on my knee, a very good substitute for Treacle & Lucius at home. they even managed to round up some locals at short notice & put on a great dinner party including an ex pat from Perth. Who would have thought we'd find a fellow Aussie in Point Arena?

Monday morning bought School and work for our surrogate family and time for us to continue South.

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