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Loa's historic LDS Church

Big flock of sheep

Dinosaur mountain near Torrey

Views on the east side of Capitol Reef Nat'l Park

Behunin Cabin - 1888 - so small for a family

The beauty didn't stop at Capitol Reef

Top right is Factory Butte


Another historic cabin


Rained on us for just a little while

Open range

Big amphitheater

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

First views of the Colorado River above Lake Powell

Quite a few steep grades in this area - no problem

Views of the river


Monuments along the river


We played leapfrog with these guys - neat little racer

Back to the sandstone sculptures

Cheese Box Butte on left, Jacob's Chair on right

Have to save this for next time

Two sides of the canyon

Thru the cut

Recapture Reservoir - note the fresh snow in the mountains

Home for 2 nites

This morning we said goodbye/see you again to Brent & Dixie & headed toward Monticello. Our route took us thru part of Capitol Reef Nat'l Park. We hadn't seen the eastern side of the park & the beauty in the park continued as we left it. Our friend Diann said this trip thru Capitol Reef & across the Hwy 95 Scenic Byway was one of her favorite drives & as we drove it David said this should be designated the 2nd most beautiful drive in the world. Another day of so many fantastic sights that you just can't take it all in.

We drove thru the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area & crossed the Colorado River above Lake Powell. What a beautiful area!

We're settled now for a couple of nites in Monticello. (David lived here for a short time as a child.) Tomorrow we're headed to Moab & Arches National Park. More later...

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