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The entrance to Oxenfoord

They have their own church on the grounds

The castle is used for weddings. After the church service the wedding...



the bridge to the castle

Oxenfoord Castle

Oxenfoord Castle

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We were woken early with a racket from the birds; there are heaps around, jackdaws, pigeons, swallows, woodpeckers. There are owls in the woods, and also a couple of pairs of buzzards near, but we are yet to see those. We have fruit for breakfast and head over to the shed at 9am. First up we are packaging for the home deliveries, bags of chard (silverbeet) and potatoes. Then out into the garden to dig weeds. It is an organic farm, so very labour intensive. Many of the garden beds are covered in weedmatting, there are a couple of poly-tunnels (some survived the snow from last winter), and a lot of glass houses, so there is somewhere warm (hot!) and dry to work when the weather is wet. It is warm and overcast today, we hope the rain stays away. There is a brick wall around the garden, that at one time it was divided into four. Many years ago the wall was heated (from inside) by a huge coal boiler, and the warmth from the wall allowed out of season produce to grow against it. They have a couple of dogs, including a ball mad collie who thinks that it is the visitors’ job to entertain him. He keeps bringing us a tennis ball to throw for him, and he never gets tied of it! At 1pm Anne says we can finish up, but we are nearly finished the row we were working on, so we keep on until it is done and head back to the caravan for lunch.

After lunch we go for a wander around. The castle is not open to the public, so we don’t go inside the grounds. We can see the local village is close by, about a mile to Pathhead, we will go there another day, weather and weary limbs permitting! The weather today was patchy, a bit of sun here and there, but not too hot for working in the garden. Rain threatens, but doesn’t appear.

We have tea and watch a movie, and make a couple of calls home to Aunty Joyce and Don and Doris (Tony’s parents). Tony sets up internet on the phone, but cannot see how much he is being charged. There were conflicting prices, from free 10Mb/day to 50p/day and something somewhere else, so in the meantime we will just look briefly and check the balance frequently. He also has a play with a couple of computer programmes that came with the phone, and when his phone is connected to the computer he can text without having to tap out on a tiny keyboard.

We get to bed late and hope to sleep well despite the creaking bodies so not used to work for so long, never mind having to dig!

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