Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

The ferry in Sorrento Harbor

Waiting to board the boat

Arriving in Naples

A big fort in the Naples harbor

Heading up the street to the Archaeological Museum

A big shopping mall


A popular form of transportation

The Archaeological Museum

Lots of statuary


Detail in the eyes



Pipes from Pompeii

Glass still unbroken from Pompeii



An ornate ceiling

Ferdinando Borbonio


Ornate pillar


Villa decorations

The original battle mosaic

Now that's a tall statue!

They seemed to spend a lot of time carving statues.





Outside again

A big square on our way back

The men really dressed for work



Back at the mall - we hoped to find a place to...

Return to the harbor

Our boat

Statues as we left the harbor

Rain clouds back in Sorrento

The wedding got rained on

Best gelato in Sorrento at Davide's

Entry #12 May 26, 2011

On Thursday, we headed down to the ferryboat port and got on the boat to Naples. We were surprised to travel with a number of passengers who had suitcases. We later found out that the ferry was the only way to get to Naples (and the airport) since a workers' protest had blocked the road from Sorrento to Naples AND the railroad track. We had been lucky to get to Pompeii the day before on the train!

It was a long walk from Naples ferry terminal to the museum where many of the artifacts from Pompeii were housed. Along the way, we notched the male office workers were dressed in suits with ties despite the warm temperatures. Also, the streets were free of garbage that we had been warned to expect due to the strike. (The day before Prime Minister Berlusconi had sent the military in to clean it up).

After a long walk, we arrived at the Archaeological Museum, a massive two story pink building. It was filled with the usual statuary which included some gigantic 20 foot high edifices. We were a bit disappointed with the Pompeii artifacts.

As we walked back down the main street it was impossible to find a place to eat. The few restaurants were packed with office people and when we were stuck in a back corner with not as much as a menu, we left and headed back to the ferry terminal. Tom was looking forward to a Naples Pizza (pizza was purportedly invented here), but had to settle for fast food at the ferry terminal. Anne always has her granola bars in the ready for an emergency.

When we got back, it was drizzling and a wedding party was heading off from the church around the corner from our street that seemed to have weddings every day. A gelato at the best place in Sorrento (just across the street from our apartment), Davide's made up for the lost lunch in Naples. Tom made another spaghetti diner in our apartment and we rested after a long, disappointing day

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