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The work Bill did on the electric intake worked well for us all night long but he still wanted to change the cord itself since it had a little burn on that too so we hooked up and left our campground about 9:30 this morning. We only had about 220 miles to go to our next destination where we planned on checking out some areas near Atlanta that we hadn’t been to before… On the way we stopped in Perry, GA. Exit 122 at a place that reminded us of Cracker Barrel from the outside but it was really a candy store that makes a bunch of things with pecans… Just about anything you could want with pecans in it.. The pecan pie looked absolutely delicious but we chose to go thru the buffet for some good southern cooking. Southern fried chicken is what Bill went for while I had the bar-b-q ribs.. It was so good.. Each day this store is open as a restaurant, gift shop and candy making shop. We were so full after the senior lunch that there was no way we could buy anything else but a few years ago I would have bought a bunch of things.. They have a great buyer for their gift items. I was impressed.

After leaving Perry we went up the road about 27 miles to Camping World.. Awe.. RV’ers shopping haven.. We haven’t been in a Camping World for quite awhile and this one was a really nice clean store. Bill was able to get the part he needed for our cord and I looked at everything, then I went back and looked some more.. I found exactly what I was looking for when I saw the new 2011 Atlas for Truckers that has all the RV parks and repair services marked along the way. This is great fro RV’ers if we are worried about the road having low bridges or too narrow roads. If the 18 wheelers can travel it so can we… I was so happy to find this and will get a ton of usage. See, one of the things I have done since about 2003 is highlight our route each year in each state as well as the one of the entire USA and Canada…. I use a different color highlighter for each year and my map is getting pretty crowded… Especially in Florida and Minnesota.. We have really crossed that back and forth several times so now I have a nice clean map that I can mark up,, This year I am using a blue marker….

Well, I have been rambling here because I am leading up to one of the things I just hate.. When I picked up brochures at the visitors center when we entered Georgia I found several things that we hadn’t seen or done before wanted to fit in on this trip.. I told you about some of the ones we did and but one of the brochures was for the cool town of Thomasville…. It looked so cool but stupid me, I thought it was further north and by the time I found out it was just west of where we spent the last three days I was really mad at myself.. Stupid Helen….

Well the next was a historic section along I-20 that looked right up our alley. I tried to find campgrounds that were near but had trouble finding ones that would accommodate our size and height.. The more we are in the south, the more trees we need to cool things down but that causes a problem when you have four slides as well as 40 ft length and 13’4” in height… We found a place in McDonough just south of Atlanta called what else? South Atlanta RV Resort… When we arrived we were hot (93), tired and just wanted to jump in the pool… Well we checked in for the next three days with two ideas in mind….1- We could visit all the places I have marked on our to do list.. 2- Leave here on Sunday morning and drive right thru Atlanta on I-75.. I think just about all of us towing/driving a big rig want to avoid Atlanta and Chicago as well as quite a few others during the week day rush hour….

Well we got to our exit and checked in for three days. We were anxious to get unhooked and have a nice relaxing night but that is the last thing that happened… First thing Bill does is check the voltage on our electrical outlet and this one did not register anywhere we needed it to run our air conditioner… It was also missing ground wires which is a no no in any campground… He went to the office and the owner came down and said it was all our fault.. The guy behind us said that they had to move because the same happened to them too and then someone came next to us and also couldn’t get on the 50 amp service… They offered us another site but that was even worse.. Dirty and we couldn’t even open our slides… What a sorry place.. If the owner was a little nicer, it could be cleaned up but forget it… The gal at the desk told us that since he took over the place has gone to the dogs…

There is a NO MONEY BACK policy and after paying $35.00 a night for 3 nights we hooked up our 30 amp cord and will try one night with just the small air conditioner on.. We still haven’t unhooked the truck so lets see what tomorrow brings… Dang, I went online and checked the reviews on this park and they all stink… Wish I had read it before.

To be continued…..

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