Il Castillo Chichen Itza

Chichen itza 2

Carved columns at Chichen itza

Mayan thistles..showing a hitherto unknown Scottish link MURDAH!

Aussie vagrant wonders where the flyscreens go to keep out the mozzies?

Indian traditional dresses flutter in a breeze near the pyramid of Chichen...

Stairway to heaven?

Quetzacoatl the plumed serpent

Temple at chichen Itza

A short film of the famous ball court at Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the great sites of human civilization....it along with Uxmal, Tikal,

Palenque is a living testament to the genius of the MAYA carved out of the Yucatan jungle built upon and modified over the centuries. As the pyramids of Egypt developed from the predynastic (prior to 3100B.C. when King Narmer was the first ruler to hold sway over upper and lower Egypt wearing the white crown of upper and the red crown of lower Egypt...) pyramids were adaptations of the mastaba tombs, built one upon the other and being the template for the famous step pyramid.

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