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More cotton in Arizona

And the road goes on forever.

Welcome to California

Ag Center Checkpoint

Our campsite at Mayflower County Park

Colorado River on the other side of the day use area

Bob after a hard day navigating


Yesterday at the Christmas dinner, Clyde (Santa Claus) gave us a good route to avoid some of the construction work on I-10 where we join up with it again. We were going to go straight north from here on SR 85 to I-10 west of Phoenix but he said there’s a lot of construction going on there so he said to go north on SR 85 to a traffic light, turn left on W. Baseline Road, right on W. Salome Highway and right again on 339th Street. Then to I-10. Worked out just fine!

We saw more desert, more mountains, more and more green fields with ground irrigation (not the overhead sprayer types). We also crossed over the Central Arizona Canal Project several times and wondered just what it was. Once in camp, looked it up and discovered it's a pretty extensive project to take water from the Colorado River to central and southern Arizona.

WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA; 1:05 and 151 miles

Wow, we sure are getting further and further west, aren’t we? I never, never imagined we’d be going to California. I figured we’d just putter around east of the Rockies but here we are! And we can add another state to the travel map my granddaughters gave us!

Tonight we’re staying at the Mayflower County Park in Blythe, CA, just over the state line on the Colorado River. They’re undergoing some renovations at the entrance to the park so it was a bit of a challenge even getting to the office, which is currently set up in a construction trailer. After walking through the little park, I decided there was no way I was going to back a 40’ fifth wheel into one of those spaces! Well, along comes Ted in his golf cart. I told him we weren’t staying but he insisted on taking me to find a spot so off we went…and indeed, he did find a spot where I could pull through one empty spot to another empty spot and wouldn’t need to back in. The main problem with the spaces is that they were short and had a “bumper” rail you were supposed to back up to. Luckily, Ted found us a spot that had no bumper and I pulled through with no trouble. We did sort of take up about ¼ of the site behind us but since we were only going to stay for one night, I didn’t care. One really neat thing is that we were level side-to-side AND front-to-back without unhitching. Our trailer travels a little nose-high so we have always had to unhitch before to get it level. This time it worked out just fine

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