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El Paso at morning rush hour. Accident ahead. Stuck in this line...

The long, long road ahead. Somewhere in Arizona.

Just an interesting mound.

Las Cruces, NM to Ozona, TX

Las Cruces was cool and clear this morning. Don't remember the actual temp, but was below freezing.

Well, the goal today was to reach my destination near San Antonio, but alas, that didn't happen. Once I figured out I wouldn't make it, I called ahead and found a campground at Ozona. Not much here, and the campground is fairly dry and dusty, due in part to winds.

Today has been a nice weather day, though. Clear skies, so made for a nice sunset. The only downside is that I was travelling away from the sun, so couldn't really appreciate the sunset.

The little area was actually located about 6 miles east of the actual town of Ozona, and was essentially a truck stop, restaurant, car museum and campground. I took advantage of the restaurant being across the street, so took myself out to dinner. After having sampled catfish a few years ago while visiting Texas for one of my nieces weddings, I have developed a taste for this fish. So........they had catfish on the menu, and had to try it. If you've been paying attention, this was the second time I've had catfish on my trip thus far. Any way, it was great, and as usual at truck stop restaurants, the meal was more than I could eat.

It's also always interesting watching the people at these small town spots, especially with the truck stop thrown in. It's not very often that a "maybe 20 something" waitress, calls a guy my age "hon". After watching and listening for awhile, that was her standard greeting to everyone - at least the guys.

Travel Time: 8 1/2 hrs; 6:45 a.m. (Central) to 4:20 p.m. (Mountain)

Distance: 406 miles

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