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There's a racetrack behing the FW but no-one thought to take a...


Moved on to Will Rogers Racetrack and Casino in Claremore, Oklahoma. Biggest RV campground in OK - 400 spaces. Facilities included 3 toilets and 3 showers - not too clean - lots of insects (my favorite accessory). Shower 1 - door doesn't close. Shower 2 - glass missing so water would splash over clothes. Shower 3 had lots of long black hair stuck in the drain - yuk! Even so I took a shower so I could wash my hair. In the meantime our neighbor came over to chat with Colin - the couple have a Hitchhiker ll fifthe wheel and are full-timers. Guy was really friendly so Colin gave him the Pinnacle tour. Visited "casino" - loosely described. Campground office was in room with huge TVs on wall - direct feed from racecourses around the country - people sitting at cafeteria style tables, eating hot dogs, studying racing form, watching races and betting on results. Rest of campground had a few slot machines - no restaurant but could get bar snacks - burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs etc. Our dreams of a fabulous buffet faded fast! Table and menus were so sticky - we'll not be going back there. Walked, read, examined FW - so much space - amazing!

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