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the camera never lies

theatre at Delphi

museum, Delphi

We negotiated the exit from Athens without incident thanks to the excellent directions we have in the road book. Stuart, who writes it, seems to have an infinite source of information. I suspect that there is a huge amount of hard work involved. We were followed by Martin since he has a new navigator and she needed a day to get the hang of the road book and the maps.

The land near Athens was not much cultivated but, as the kilometres ticked over, the soil became less stony and we saw cotton and vines.

Our route took us up into the mountains to Delphi. We duly climbed right to the top of the site, visited the Oracle and got a few answers to those questions that have been niggling us for so long and visited the excellent museum. At the very top of the site wasthe Stadium - where we had been challenged by Eddie to run round it. Picture attached.

After Delphi, there were more mountains and a Stuart, the route planner special. THis was to fork off onto the old canyon road: 11km of continuous bends. Remeniscent of the Moki Dugway on Panama to Alaska - but paved this time. Where does he find these great roads to drive? Sadly the navigation to find the top of the road was a bit tricky and some of our friends missed it ... shows that you need to stay on the ball ...

We arrived at our final destination, Kalambaka, just below some strange rock formations with monasteries perched on the top - but that is tomorrow's story.

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