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The village of Cemoro Lawang.

Mt. Bromo from our Hostel having a smoke.

Looking to the west opposite from Mt. Bromo.

Now that's a nice cabbage crop!

A glimpse of sunrise.

Hope she dosen't decide to blow. Mt. Bromo looking down in the...

What a view.

That was a long 254 steps to the top. I was a...

Looks like the Moab jeep fest, but oh this is Indoneisa and...

Am in in Indonesia or Nepal?

As we work east to Bali, our next stop is to Cemoro Lawang to see the volcano at Mt. Bromo. The adventure started with a super early train ride to Surabaya that left Yogyakarta at 1:15 in the morning and arrived around 7:30am. Then a 3 hour bus ride to Promolinggo at which point the haggling with the local travel agent began. Always a fun experience, but after some work we negotiated a price for the journey up to Cemoro Lawang for sunrise on the volcanoes rim. The country side was very lush and green and as we climbed the temperature became noticeably cooler a very welcomed relief. The hostel we stayed was at the rim of the volcano and had a spectacular view. We had gained about 7,000 feet over the course of an hour and most people had to put on some form of long sleeve attire. CL is a small village set high in the mountains. The area contains lots of organic vegetable farms in which they intercrop. The soil was incredibly rich due to the ash from the volcanoes so growing was easy. They had plants that both consumed lots of nitrogen from the soil such as corn and fixed nitrogen in the soil such as soy beans. They also had a good selection of livestock: chickens, sheep and cows. If society crashes this would be a good place to be. The country significantly reminded me of my trip to Nepal. After an early dinner I retired to bed about 7:30pm. I could not stay awake any longer. I had been up for well over 24 hours. I was only able to cat nap on the train the prior evening. Our day would start at 3:30 because the jeeps left at 4am to the rim of the volcano for the sunrise. I was amazed at the amount of people on the sunrise tour. There was a long stream of old Toyota FJ’s, more than I have ever seen at any one place. We arrived at the rim just after 5 with a relative clear sky but luck was not with us this morning because the fog began to move up the valley and we ended up being fogged in and missed the sunrise and the respective view. We loaded up and headed back down for a short hike up the cone of a different volcano before returning at 8:30 for breakfast and to pack. Our trip was short and transportation would be arriving at 10 for our 11 hour bus ride to Bali. I looked natively to the A/C bus ride but not the 11 hour duration. Hopefully, this will be the longest bus ride we will undertake on our trip. Our ride to Bali was long. We left around 12:30 and arrived in Dempasar around 11:30 at night. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at 3:30pm then no real communicated stop until we reached our destination. The A/C on the bus worked part of the time so it was hot then not as hot, hot then not as hot all afternoon and evening long. We had an hour ferry ride to go from the island of Java to the island of Bali which was a pleasant break. It was nice to get out into the fresh sea air and enjoy the beautiful full moon reflecting over the ocean. Once the ferry had finished snaking across the channel we piled back on the bus and began to work down the island to Dempasar in the south. We finally arrived at the bus station and the job of finding a place to stay was at hand. Drew, Stony and I when out to find a hostel but it was late on Friday night during the high season and we quickly found out all the affordable hotels in the area were full. So we switched to plan B and headed to Kuta a just south of Denpasar to look for accommodations. Kuta is one of the happening places for night clubs, shopping and the beach. It was after 1am when we arrived and again several of us went out to find rooms. I mistakenly felt is shouldn’t be a problem but it took several hours of searching to find a couple of rooms. About half of our group piled their bags in our room and headed out to sleep on the beach. In the morning, we looked around and found a hotel to stay. It was a bit more expensive about $11 dollars each instead of the $5 each we were accustomed to but, there was a pool, and Drew and I upgraded to a room with A/C a welcome change to the normally warmer rooms with just a fan we had been sleeping in.

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