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Yuko-En on the Elkhorn








Enjoyed seeing the carvings on Daniel Boones monument examples of his life

Kentucky Vietnam Memorial


This was a package left by a twin brother that served with...

Kentucky State Capital





Today was a fun day of seeing what is in the area.

Started the morning in Georgetown at the Yuko-en on the Elkhorn. This is a 6 acre stroll garden. Georgetown is sister city to Tahara, Japan. Yuko-En translate to friendship garden. This is a free park.

Started by going to Frankfort, the Capital of Kentucky.

We went to the Frankfort Cemetery that overlooks the city. This is where Daniel and Rebecca Boone are buried. (Or per the head stone reunited in death, appears that he left trail blazing and maybe did not return).

Following there we went to the Kentucky Vietnam Memorial. It consists of a large sundail. The shadow of the indicator shaft falls on a granite panel on which were etched the names of he Kentuckians killed in the Vietnam War. Each name appears in a place the shadow touches on the anniversary of that soldiers death. Behind the sundail where the shadow never falls are the names of the veterans MIA. A the bodies have been found the dates of added, the most recent being 2005. This was an amazing work of engineers and a very special place to view.

On a lighter note we went to Rebecca Ruth Candy Store. She started making bourbon balls

in 1919 and they are still being made in a very small house in Frankfort. AND they are excellant. We bought 2 boxes and are afraid to open them because we know when we do no one will get to sample them, they will be gone.

We also visited the capital, seeing their gardens, and the clock that has a 34 foot diameter face and a minute hand that weigh 530 pounds and is more than 20 feet long.

We than went on to Georgetown to have lunch (which was a nice old building in the down town area with alot of local flavor) before going on to tour the Toyota Plant. The plant manufactures Avalon and Cambry's. While we were there the 414th car for the 10 hour shift was coming off the line. They work 10 hours and have a down time of 2 hours between shifts to allow any repairs that are needed to equipment to make sure the shift works with out down time. Two 15 minute breaks and 45 minutes for lunch. The plant is owned by the employees (2000) opened in 1985, with very little turnover. This was a very interesting tour.

Home for the evening.

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