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We are on BLM land at Ken's Lake,
about seven miles south of...

We awoke this morning to "white stuff" at Mesa Verde

Morning at Ken's Lake BLM

Sunrise at Ken's Lake BLM: Moab, UT

Moonrise at Ken's Lake BLM

Arches NP: South Windows Arch

Arches NP: South (left) and North (right) Windows Arches

Arches NP: Turret Arch

Arches NP: Rock formations near Double Arch

Arches NP: Double Arch

Arches NP: Delicate Arch
Seeing this arch was on Sandi's "Bucket List"

Arches NP: The Three Gossips (morning light)

Arches NP: The Three Gossips (afternoon light)

Arches NP: Skyline Arch

Arches NP: Park Avenue

Arches NP: Balanced Rock

Arches NP: Balanced Rock (morning light)

Arches NP: Landscape Arch

Arches NP: Landscape Arch

Arches NP: Devil's Garden

Canyonland's NP: Mesa Arch

Canyonland's NP: Mesa Arch

Colorado River Scenic Byway, UT 128
Colorado River foreground, LaSal Mtns (12,700') background

Colorado River Scenic Byway, UT 128

Colorado River Scenic Byway, UT 128

Mon, 24 May: We drove the 130 miles from Mesa Verde, CO to just south of Moab, UT in three hours. It was very windy, so at times we slowed down to 45 MPH. Nothing like driving a "billboard" down the highway in high winds to keep you alert. It was Bob's stint at the "helm", and he did an admirable job.

Our house is currently sited at a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campsite at Ken's Lake, about seven miles south of Moab. We have a lovely spot with views of snow clad peaks as well as Ken's Lake. We plan to boondock (no external electricity, water, or sewers) here until the weekend. Using this as our "base" we're planning visits to many of the area's National Parks and Monuments; including Arches, Canyonland, and Island in the Sky. We'll be posting pix as we go along, so be sure to check back.

More anon...

Tue, 25 May: Today we visited Arches National Park, a short twelve mile drive from our Ken's Lake campsite. It was the first time either of us visited Arches, and to put it succinctly, we were blown away! This is, without a doubt, one of the most magnificent places we've visited (and remember, we've been around the world!

We packed our lunch and spent the better part of the day driving around the park. We took several hikes out to the arches and took hundreds of pix (see sampling by clicking on the thumbnails above). We're planning to return over the next few days to get pix during morning and evening light.

In addition to the pix posted above there are many more images on our Flicker account

Wed, 27 May: We spent the morning at home catching up on the "business of life". After lunch we drove to Canyonland's National Park, which lies to the southwest of Moab but can only be reached by driving about fifteen miles north, and then southwest to the park's entrance. In the process one climbs some 2,000' in elevation.

Canyonland's is a lovely park with many beautiful vistas. We hiked to Mesa Arch, which is depicted in multiple pix (ours have been added to the thumbnails). It was fairly strenuous, especially for these two sedentary "seniors", but we made it!

It continues to be very windy, with gusts in the 40 MPH range. Most of the tent campers have "pulled up stakes" (literally and figuratively), but we're snug and sound in Carpe.

Thu, 27 May: The winds returned before dawn and by mid morning we were rockin' & rollin'! We took a drive on Utah 128 along the Colorado River. It is known as the Colorado River Scenic Byway, and scenic is certainly an apt term. More pix of today's adventure.

Fri, 28 May: It got windier!!! Didn't think it could without triggering a hurricane warning. Gusts up to fifty MPH, and temps in the mid 90s. We stayed home most of the day, but met some new friends for lunch, Joan & Ron Scott, full timers. We hit it off immediately and had a lovely lunch. There was too much blowing dust to do much sightseeing so we returned to the coach by late afternoon.

Sat, 29 May: The wind finally died down overnite, and it got much cooler. We set the alarm (something retirees rarely do) for 5 A.M. and drove to Arches for some early morning pix.

We hiked 1.6 miles to landscape arch and got some good shots. We also shot some other features in the morning light which was better than the mid- to late-day light we experienced earlier in the week. This morning's images are in this entries thumbnails.

We were back home mid-morning for a late breakfast. Tomorrow we "roll wheels" for Ogden.

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