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OK so its my last day on a farm called Bamboo Belize, which is situated in the middle of the Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve about an hour and a half out of Belize City!

I have spent 5 nights here as i arrived on monday night with devon. Its very beautiful out here, the squacking of green parrots is alternated with the roar of the Howler Monkeys. i havent seen any monkeys as of yet but i have surely heard them. Luckily i am a fairly good sleeper because some of the other people staying here are always complaining that they cant sleep cause of the noise! There are also the dogs barking and the chickens clucking away to add to the night orchestra!

Yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. I took some time to sew my pants a bit smaller cause both my pants are too big for me! i am almost done! its been pretty cool as there was a cold front that passed through this way and held for most of my stay. i didnt mind it too much cause i know there will be many scorchers in the future! The dry season is starting and i hear it gets very hot and very dry! kind of the opposite of wut will be happening in my old country!!

So i did some laundry in a washing machine which was vair nice. ate some yummy belizean style chicken with fried plantain and took a short walk through the spidermonkey paths that snake through the surrounding jungle! Me and devon went on a search for the All spice tree and were successful. He made some very yummy tea with the leaves that we picked and that was our bedtime snack!

but before that, urged on by stories of Tapir sightings (there is a slightly wounded tapir that hangs out around here. many people including devon have seen it. and this guy Stevie that is staying here saw him and got a video of him standing like two feet away from it!) i took a walk through the rows of bamboo trees to take a dip in the little spring they call Chiro! the bamboo plantation is surprisingly magical and while looking out for the Tapir i spotted a red headed Woodpecker, a beautiful black and yellow butterfly just chilling on a leaf, off which i tried to coax it onto my hand with a variable degree of luck, and a few hummingbirds darting this way and that with the purr of their little wings. i heard some strange noises that sounded tapir like but never did see it! I did spot a White tailed dear though, bounding off into the jungle, white tail flashing! This did surprise me a bit, cause although i have heard of white tailed deer living around here, it puzzles me as to how they would have made their way down here. I always thought of them being fairly north american!

Finally i got to chiro as the light began to fade. I contemplated ditching all my clothes and having a little skinny dip which i really wanted to do. but it was a fairly popular place so i didnt want to risk getting caught by a local! So with some clothes still on i jumped in. OOOH very nice and cool. i had a few moments of splendor but then i touched the bottom and it was sharp and then i was splashing about like a lout when i swear something brushed my leg!! aHHHHH i tried to stay calm and found a root to stand on when something i couldnt see touched me again!!!! that was it. i was out before you could blink an eye. THings that i cant see touching me freaks the shit out of me! which sucks cause it would have been nice to float around in there a bit longer. o well. on with the clothes and back to homebase! it was getting dark anyways and i did not have a flashlight. So back i walk, slowly looking for snakes with every step. i emerge from the tall trees that shade the stream and emerge into a plantation of small trees. this is where the tapir has been sighted and i keep my eyes peeled. but i see that the darkness is coming on quick so i hurry my steps.

nothing absolutely nothing. and i get to the other side of the plantation and look around for the road i took in. hmmm cant really see it. moment of semi panic. but there i can see it a few yards away where it dissapears behind some bamboo. i decide to try walking down one of the paths that goes between the rows of bamboo because theoretically it will join up with the road!

the grass is a bit longer here and i cant really see as well cause its also darker in the shadow of the bamboo. suddenly from not three feet away i hear the snarl of a wild beast! something is moving in the bamboo thicket beside me! i stop and stand there listening, my heart beating quickly.

deep breaths. i try to remind myself that whatever it is is more scared of me than i am of it.. RIGHT?

deep breaths. i calm down a bit when i dont hear anything. its prolly long gone.

i walk on through the tunnel surrounded by 20 foot bamboo! i pray to the earth mother- Gaia to protect me from my cousin the Fer de Lance as he could kill me in 24 hours if we ran into each other unawares. It is getting darker by the minute and i walk as fast as i dare trying to spot any movement in the grass ahead of me. for a second i worry that maybe this path does not join up to the road i want to be on. but then up ahead i see the opening and the road meet. yay!! you can never be sure about short cuts around here.

me and devon took one through the jungle trying to get to the main road when we were racing to catch the bus driver who drives the bus to and from Rancho, and we ended up surrounded by jungle in a small clearing where any direction could have offered a path but there was no obvious track to follow. we had to run all the way back to the beginning and take the other road which was longer and we missed the bus after running for about a kilometer of road in the dark.

anyways back to yesterday....

so back on the road i felt much more at ease. i could see if any snakes were on my path and it was not as dark as the little tunnel i took through the bamboo. the road was still walled in by tall bamboo but there was enough space for light to come though. i started running cause it was getting quite dark. all of a sudden i noticed the black shapes flying around me. BATS

i stopped for a second and one of the dark shapes starting flying around me. i followed its movement and was spinning around and around with the bat flying not two feet from my face. it was slow enough that i could keep up with it and it was really quite a special moment. then it just flew off. and i took that as a sign to fucking get my ass back to camp while i could still make out the path.

Fast i ran, listening for any sounds of tapirness. but i made it to the end of the road with no signs of it. i suppose it was never meant to be.

almost back to the lodge now. just a field between me and my cabbana. as i jog through the foot high grass i see a light that i take to be devon up ahead. i hold onto my hat and sprint to the source of the light. its pretty much dark now and i make it back just in time!!

phew. you really dont want to get caught in the dark around here.

our last night at Bamboo belize was pretty quiet. despite some plans to kill a chicken and eat it, this never took place much to my dissapointment. but i am welcome to come back anytime they say, so i might yet get to watch a chicken get its head chopped off.

packed up a bit. ate a donut. drank our tea. emailed and facebooked a bit. and then headed off to bed.

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