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El Calafate is a pretty little mountain town that sits on the shores of Lago Argentina. The centre of town has a very touristy feel, but not in the negative way that this is often meant. It is a nice place to just meander around. I lost count of the number of quaint little shops I walked past that were selling home made chocolates.

I came here due to it´s proximity to the Perrito Moreno glacier. I am told this is one of the largest glaciers in the world and that it is also one of the worlds only advancing glaciers. While the rest of the worlds glaciers melt away as a result of our modern way of life (such as flying halfway across the world to see things like glaciers!!), this one continues to get bigger. And it really is big. It rises 60m above the water, which is really quite a sight. But it also continues 100m down into the water and stretches back as far as the eye can see. And it is blue, and a really cool shade of blue at that. It creaks and groans constantly. I was hoping that I would be witness to a house size piece of ice breaking off from the glacier and splashing into the water below. I stood for some time willing this to happen. All of a sudden I heard the sound of ice cracking and was able to pinpoint the location where this was occurring. Then it happened, a piece of ice broke off and fell into the water below. But there was no great splash because the piece I saw break off was not the size of a large house, more the size of a large brick. I waited and watched for as long as I could but was eventually defeated by the cold and had to leave. I spent 2 nights in El Calafate, and as with Ushuaia the weather deteriorated while I was here. It was snowing and bitterly cold when I left. I´i´ve really enjoyed Patagonia, but i´m ready for some warm weather so I boarded a bus for the 42 hour, 3000km journey back up north. And from this point on I will also be travelling solo.

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