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beneath the bridge


Most of the drive to Dubuque was on the scenic Great River Road. Most of this road could use a serious infusion of TARP funds. We remarked to one another on how bumpy the road was when we saw a sign that said "rough road ahead" and it got really bumpy. We passed locks every so often, but they were totally idle. The entire drive we did not see a single barge. This is mystifying since where we live along the I & M Canal, we saw huge coal barges every day. The mighty Mississippi looked more like a lake than a river. There was hardly a ripple and green stuff coated the surface of the water. If there was a current, it was imperceptible.

It was surprising to discover that most of the campgrounds in Dubuque do not have sites big enough for us. We'd guess that they must all be old campgrounds, built before behemoths such as ours hit the road. We planned to stay at a municipal park on another island in the middle of the river, but were disappointed to learn that the whole place is being taken over this weekend by dragon boat races. After researching on the web we learned that these are huge racing row boats manned by teams of up to twenty people. To enter a team in a race here costs $700 and there are teams from other countries competing here. So we pulled into a welcoming casino next door and will spend a free night in their parking lot and find out what this dragon boat business is all about.

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