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Hello from Santiago which I'm afraid I wont be able to get to know very well as it is Good Friday today so there is NOTHING open and we are leaving tomorrow. This is not good as it also means we have no laundry facilities for a few days now. It is going to have to be recycling time for the old underwear. Ahem !!!

Anyway, the night before we got here was spent in Salta de Lago where we cleaned the entire truck out. This involved some fairly heavy alcohol consumption by all as it was actually the last full evening for the entire group as Dwane and Dyan had to leave at 345am this morning for their flight to Lima. A very entertaining evening! Set off yesterday morning for Santiago and stopped off at a vineyard on the way. We got here at about 5 last night and then went out for our last group meal. Really sad to see Dwane and Dyan go so Me, Pam, Paula, Pedro, Keith and Kev went off to have a few beverages in their honour and so i didnt get in until 5am. Nil injuries so far!!!

This morning we had our new group meeting. The 2 new drivers are nutters by all accounts (Brett and Rich) Only 8 new people have joined the truck - 3 bloody couples as well. So sadly no talent on board. The good news is that Kev and Vicky will be with us on the truck as passengers up to Bolivia so that should ease us in to the new drivers!! Also this morning I attempted to get my ankle checked out by a doctor as it sems to be getting worse instead of better. Paid about 18 quid for the privilege of hanging around for 3 hours in a room full of women with dodgy knees, ankles etc. The doctor was doing an operation and would not be out til 3.One woman had been waiting since 9am. Then this other woman came in and she was clearly slightly simple and kept dribbling. However, when she proceeded to pull up her top and show us her boobs things took a surreal turn!!! All the women in the room diagnosed pregnancy due to the fact that her boobs were leaking. OH MY GOD!!! The poor lady then proceeded to tell us that she visits her man friend at 10pm each night and then indicated to us the size of his manhood. Hilarious!! At after about 3 hours of this I decided to give up and get my money back so no progress on the ankle front after all. By the way, I havent suddenly become fluent in Spanish enabling me to to converse with the ladies of Chile. I was accompanied by my good mate Lucy who IS fluent in Spanish. Cheers mate!!

Anyway, another group meal tonight with the newbies and then tomorrow will have to say goodbye to a few more people including my tent buddy Katrina who I will miss loads. Adios for now !

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