A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009 travel blog

View from the start...

View from the ridge

Short stairs, nothing like yesterdays....

Ridge pines

Back down again...

Hopefully not too much like yesterday's...

More Naejangsa Temple

Lovely day's walking today. I took it a lot easier than yesterday, not trying to prove today that just because I was twice the age, twice the weight and British meant I couldn't still beat any Korean to the top. Saying that, I hardly saw anyone today anyway, it was great feeling like I had the mountains to myself. The route was less of a switchback, and there were a lot more views (trees in the way a lot of yesterday), some of which were stunning, straight out of a Chinese painting, though I couldn't seem to capture what I saw on film. When I woke up this morning my leg wasn't good and my blisters were bad, but neither turned out to be a problem.

I like the Korean support for hiking. There are signs at all the main junctions, with distances too, and some of them are even in English! And there are emergency aid kits, emergency phones, shelters, etc, scattered along the trails, even helicopter landing pads on the wider peaks.

The mossies - who drove me mad when I was walking yesterday, were far more restrained today, though I have developed a new tactic whenever I go home of an evening. Along with the shampoo, toothpaste, etc, Korean hotel rooms also have mossie spray, so I just nuke the room and then go back out for ten minutes.

An early night tonight (its a ghost town in the park anyway) and off to Seoul on the train tomorrow morning (a new experience) for the rest of my time here. Another night of reading and avoiding Korean TV, which amongst other pretty poor offerings has two channels solely devoted to live computer game matches with commentators, etc. Each geek even has a team of buddies to mop his brow and massage his shoulders when the going gets tough. It is all too exciting for words.

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