2009 On the Road to Stillwater, OK travel blog

Lake Barkley as seen from our campsite

Barkley Dam

On the canal looking toward Kentucky Lake

Wildflowers along the lake

Rushing Bay on Kentucky Lake

Blondie went swimming

These are interesting wildflowers

Bison roam in a fenced in prairie - there used to be...

Take my picture!

A calf looks for food

He's had enough of getting his picture made

Furnace used in the 1850's to process iron-ore

About 20 hummingbirds live in a fruit tree outside the welcome center

They flew all around my head

Taking a drink

Ready for landing

Sunrise on Lake Barkley

Who needs the Weather Channel when you have the Weather Forecasting Stone?

We spent 2 nights at another great Corps of Engineers campground. Canal Campground is located on Lake Barkley in Grand Rivers, Kentucky at the northern end of the Land Between the Lakes. The Land Between the Lakes is all Federal Land located between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. We drove the entire length of the Trace, about a 45 mile long scenic drive. Along the drive are many scenic side roads leading to campgrounds, boat ramps, coves, a nature center, and a Bison and Elk Preserve. The lakes were formed from 2 dams. Each dam contains locks which allow the barge traffic to pass through. We saw some huge barges, mostly carrying coal. The lakes are very popular for boats and jet skis. We saw a couple of house boats with slides!

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