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Today was a very late start anfter a very late night being merry! It is so hard to comprehend the long long days here. Last night after casting (fishing) we went for a hike up a local hill, it was a hard slog, Dad chose to go up the road, whilst Emilie and I feeling adventurous went through the woods. And what an amazing view presented itself to us once at the top. we could see all the way past the fjords to the open sea, the town of Floroe, the farmhouse and beyond inland. The sun was setting and it was warm on the skin. To my surprise it was 11pm at night!!!! We jogged, yes jogged, back down to home for dinner, sitting around the fire to eat at 12.30pm. Strange as it sounds it was still light and felt completely normal! You really only get about 1 hour of darkness at this time of year and even then it is more like sunrise than a true night.

So, today was a lazy lazy day. Isat by the window listening to the rain, reading my book with Emilie playing the guitar in the background. the best thing about being here is there is no phones, internet TV, nothing to distract you or overstimulate you. You just read, fish, talk, leanr music or work the land. Just perfect.

SPeaking of work, Johan is renovating the barn, the 100 year stumps and cladding is rotten so we all pitched in to pull the cladding down and store the materials for firewood. Fter which a local trademan came, jacked up the stumps sawed off the rotten bits and replaced them, you had to see this to believe it, all old fashioned tools and majestic skill.

The neighbours jumping chickens were out on vacation following us around, we chased hedgehogs and explored the woods in the back looking for reindeer. The father also had a good laugh when he showed us a norwegian trampoline... a hole behind the barn layered with aluminium. He had us all jump up and down to flatten it so he could cover it with dirt!!! How funny and soooo much fun!

Dad cooked the dinner and dessert and we sat and ate by the fire laughing, eating and exploring our idas of the world.... Did I say how great this is!!!!!!!

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