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Nurseries and Vinyards of the Huleh Valley below Dan

Very fertile farmland

John Deere tractors come in handy in the Sea of Galilee too!...

At Dan you can view the main source of the Jordan river. The area is unbelievably fertile. It is 30 or so miles from the Sea of Galilee and the Jews who live in the valley from the Sea to Dan have an amazing agricultural business. The old city of Dan is a study in idol worship. The city now lies in ruins and the name of the tribe of Dan is missing from the list of the tribes of Israel in the Book of Revelation.

Very close to the old city of Dan lies the city known in the New Testament as Caesarea Philippi. Jesus only went here once and the city was the world center for worshiping the fertility god Pan. The city of Panius was named after Pan and Caesarea Philippi was built on the old city of Panius. The area right at the base of Mt. Hermon was used to worship the pagan gods Caesar Augustus (Called himself a god), Zeus and Pan. I contend that the great amount of pagan idol worship was the reason Jesus marched his desciples the long walk to this area so that they could see what they would fight against in the future. It was here that Peter said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!" (Matthew 16) There was a cave at the base of Mt Hermon that the Greeks called "the gate of underworld" or as we would recognize it, "the gate of Hades." Jesus said that such gates would not stand under the power of His name.

We had lunch which was Talafia, a meal that Linda will not be serving at her house anytime soon! It is a kind of fish called "St. Peter's Fish" ground up and rolled into balls and then fried like a hushpuppy. Mmmmmm. Burger King where are you?

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