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My Heros - Affordable Towing Service

You can see the parts of the bearings - all burned up...

We were having a wonderful day. The grass was green – the cows were contentedly grazing in the pastures – the road was good.

We had even stopped for gas at the lowest price we had seen in a long time.

I went into the RV to check for the address of the Elk Lodge when I smelled that most dreaded smell – hot rubber/electrical. I went out and felt the tires and hubs. The back tire on the driver’s side of the RV was ok but the hub was too hot for me to keep my hand on.

Now what do we do. We tried to call the tire place that was recommended by the people in the truck stop. No cell service! Went inside. No public phone!. But one of the people behind the counter let me use her cell. Tire person said if we let it cool down – we could probably make it to Nevada, MO. BUT he didn’t have a mechanic and neither did anyone else on a Saturday afternoon. We would have to wait until Monday.

So we let it cool down and started off slow. We made almost a mile when Ron said it was smoking so we pulled off the side of the road. By this time we could see that the wheel was wobbling. Not drivable. We were on the top of the hill on a narrow road – not safe. About 50 feet ahead was an empty farmstead. We managed to pull in there. Still no cell service.

I went across the road to the house to see if they knew who owned the house and would we be able to stay there. She called them for me – no one home but left a message.

Back at the rig we decided to try the new Wilson antenna that came with my Verizon Air card. Got in touch with Roadside assistance. We were just going to have them take the tire off and we would limp into Nevade – but the tow guy said that they could fix it for about $200 so we said “come on out”.

When they went to take the wheel off – it fell off. That’s how close we were to losing it.

To make a long story short (its too late already, right) They put all new bearings on the wheel, the axel was fine, they had to disable the brake (we have 3 more) but we were back on the road in about 3 ½ hours. It cost a bit – but they made a trip for parts and it WAS Saturday afternoon at about 6 pm.

But we feel that God smiled on us. Diesel at a cheap price, smelling the hot wheel, a place to turn off just up the road, tow truck drivers who could fix it, friendly neighbor who helped us back down the driveway to the road. Everything worked!!

And, as my friend said, if money can fix "it"; "It" isn't a problem!!

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