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Today is Canada's National Day, rather like our 4th of July. This meant that the welcome center was handing out free doughnuts and juice. Yum, yum. It gets dark so late here, well after 10pm. It was closer to 11 before we could hear the fireworks exploding in Lethbridge.

It's been a long time since we drove into Canada with an RV, long before 9/11. We didn't know quite what to expect. Last time we were driving on to Alaska and were loaded to the hilt with supplies. We paid dearly in taxes for the high class box wine we imported into the country. We made that crossing on a small road and had the feeling the agents didn't have much else to do. Today we came into the country on an interstate, but there still was hardly anyone else on the road. We had our passports in hand, but no one was interested. You never know...

Northern Montana and southern Alberta are a lot of emptiness. Trees are few and far between. Big Sky country is aptly named. The lack of rain showed on the fields except where they were irrigated. Lethbridge is supposedly the sunniest town in Canada. The Oldman River runs through the town, so much is irrigated giving a lush impression. The High Level Bridge over the river, built in 1909, is supposedly the longest and highest bridge of its type in North America. We always laugh when we read such statistics. Everybody's got a claim to fame.

People in our campground, mostly from Alberta, are running around in shorts and tank tops, using the swimming pool. I'm wearing a jacket. Summer is a sometime thing on this trip.

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