Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Gypsy Boy (Sue's favorite)

3 donkeys (well, 2 and me)

Belle in work mode

Belle and Sue in play mode

Linda and Newll holding a HUGE gourd (not really)

Sunset out our window

SOME of the gourds I painted for Belle

Posing by the new sign we painted for Belle

Sue and I went to Douglas and Bisbee the other day to see what there was to see.

We both agree Douglas was a disappointment, after seeing the visitor center, we thought it would be really neat. It was neat and clean, but just not much to see. Except for the Gadsden Hotel (it has the huge staircase that Pancho Villa rode his horse up) there isn't much to do. The hotel is also known to be frequented by ghosts. If we have time, we will go back before we leave. You hate to pass up a perfectly good ghost!

We did enjoy Bisbee tho. What a town! How in the world they ever built it is beyond me. And, the people are out of this world. No, seriously, I think some of them are. It is a neat place tho. There is tons of jewelry and artsy stuff. Very nice. And, a place that makes custon hats. Did you catch that Georgia?

There is also a huge open pit copper mine. It is no lnger mined, but the hole is still there.

We got the new ranch sign up, with much help from Richard (the ranchhand). Thanks Richard! It looks very nice, and Belle loves it. So, if you are ever traveling Hwy 80, north of Douglas about 12 miles, and see the sign for the Silverado Ranch, you can thank Sue and I. Mostly Sue!

We spent Sun. tidying up cause Newell and Linda were coming. We sat and talked with Belle for awhile with them. We then spent the afternoon in Bisbee. We had a delicious pizza, and came back to the ranch. Newell and I gathered wood and we had a nice campfire around our newly cleaned up fire ring. Belle had her music playing on her outside stereo system (it is very nice) and we had a great day and night. Beautiful sunset over the Mule Mountains.

We met Newell and Linda at their hotel room in Bisbee for breakfast on Mon. Not much opens too early in Bisbee. We spent the day browsing the shops, came back to the ranch, and sadly they had to head back to Elephant Butte. Thank you for a great time.

Sue spent the rest of the day wrapping gifts, getting them ready to mail. It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas. Actually, it is 2:30 A.M. while I am writing this, I am listening to Christmas music. I don't really want to get in the mood too much, if you know what I mean. I do wish we could be zapped home for the 24th and 25th, but that won't happen.

More later. We miss and love you.

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