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One of many waterfalls

Fly fishing-common site

Buffalo sleeping near our hiking trail

Old Faithful @ peak eruption

Cow Elk along side of road


Coyote #3

Artist point-Yellowstone

Bear prevention-nothing(even grill) is safe

Example of fallen/burned trees replenshing the earth


High silical thermal Pot hole

Non silica thermal pot hole

Steam from thermal pot holes

The canyon walls @ Artist Point

You can never tire of visiting Yellowstone NP. This trip has been on "retirement" time as opposed to vacation time. We have tried to capture the beauty visually. The hydrothermal system offers rainbow colors, organisms growing only in +199 degree F temps, organisms growing only in acidic conditions, volatility, kills pine forests, unusual formations from residual silica, and on and on. Only a few feet below the crusty dirt lies volcanoes simmering. Yes, I said volcanoes. The underground "plumbing" system among geyers is in some way connected to one another. It is a fact Yellowstone will explode again!!

We have hiked and walked miles-none as gruelling as the appalachian areas-nonetheless tiring. Our arthritic joints are happier with us for two reasons: 1. Regular exercise 2. Glucosamine compound & super sonic fish oil. Hold your laughter as we have improved joint mobility and flexibility-sure wish we had these on the killer appalachian areas.

Wildlife viewing is spontaneous and exhilarating. The park has +3,500 head of bison, thousands of elk, coyote, wolves, deer and more. Along side the road or out in a field, we were able to photograph assorted animals.

As soon as we return to civilization I will upload most all the Yellowstone photos-as they are priceless. Cell and internet service are only accessible at The Old Faithful Inn area during fall season. We have been surprised by the number of tourists! Other than a boat race we have never dry camped/boondocked. What would you do if the power source had a curfew of 8:00PM? Generators are allowed 0800-2000 hrs. Relaxtion-no computer; no TV.

Most of the time we chose to eat at RV home. While in Yellowstone we ate out twice. Both meals were filling and delicious. The West Cody Yellowstone Outpost was a homecooked style meal of baked chicken; The Yellowstone Old Faithful Inn was a grand buffet complete with pecan crusted stream trout(yum), bison chili, etc. We did what most of us Americans do when eating out-ate too much. Our eating habits are ever changing. Never a dull moment.

Tomorrow the rig will be heading south to the Grand Tetons-our absolute most favorite area. When able (uploading is time consuming), I will post MANY Yellowstone photos for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, take care, be kind to each other, we miss everyone!

There are not sufficient vocabulary words to describe The Grand Teton NP. They rise powerfully from the valley floor as a result of a movement along a fault which caused many earthquakes. The craggy pinnacles rose up +30,000 feet above the valley floor. 12,000-14,000 years ago glaciers began rolling over the mountains eventually forming the lakes within the park. There are many landscape contrasts which you will see in the pictures.

The animals remain much the same as Yellowstone-add a few moose and MORE bison, elk, and antelope. Sadly two feet of snow has been predicted for here by the week-end. We will be moving on while the roads are OK.

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