Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

This is the resort we're staying in. Bit like Majorca, but with...

The 'Ninja Workforce' of Phuket offer me a go on their state...

...Mmmmm, sand!

'Maaarrrmalaaaaa......D'! Ahh! last we find where the REAL spiderman lurks!

Turns taken to completely hit nail all the way in with the...

..penalty for losing the hammer game was to do a twirl round...

Frank: "They're just so genuine out here, not after you're money at...

Well the part of Phuket that we were delivered into was tourist city (Patong), its crammed with little shops, stalls and suit shops and you can't get past one of em without the owner running after you asking 1) "Where you from" 2) "How long you stay?" 3) "You want T-shirt?/Suit?/Taxi?/Tuk Tuk? Gggh! You start to harden up and the rudeness started to become easier to deliver "England, Whats it to you, No, No, No, NO!" (And dont shake their hands, you wont get it back!)

There's an absloute abundance of nightlife though, bar after bar after bar bluhhh! ;o)) These have exactly the same scenario as during the day and you're continually asked if you want a little more than just a drink! And some of em have deep voices! Oooer!

ONe day we went to the beach and there was an old lady selling donuts. She was trying to explain with hand signals what was inside these donuts until an english speaker piped up 'She's trying to say marmalade!'. So we spent the next 5 minutes teaching her bit by bit how to say marmalade! She wandered of down the beach SINGING 'Maaarrrmalaaaaa.....D! (We'd had to make a point of really pronouncing the 'D' cos she kept missing it!)in her old Thai accent, it was so funny - guess you had to be there. =)

Had a few meals from some of the food stalls set up on the road which were quite nice, although if you walked a UK health inspector past them all they'd ALL be shut down! No ill effects though but still, you can't help wondering if the innocent bowl of chicken and noodles in front of you is a gastric time bomb waiting to go off! Urgh!

Anyway, A good time was had and we met a few weird but funny people that made the time even more of a giggle. Including Frank from England, swears that "..the people of Phuket are genuinely friendly and not just out for you're money..Its GREAT!!" HMMM - maybe you should leave the whisky alone for just ONE day mate!

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