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Boarding our plane at Key West airport












Cuban refugees' boats





Powder magazine


Shutters were used to guard the cannons during reloading


The sea wreaks havoc on the mortar


Here come the tourists

Our return flight

Key West

Cruise ships dock at Key West

We went to Key West and flew out to the Dry Tortugas on Wednesday which was a beautiful day for flying. Our seaplane (4 passenger) stayed low on the way out and we saw many small Keys and even shipwrecks in the shallow water.

Fort Jefferson (which was never completed) was constructed to protect the south Florida coast from pirates. It occupies all of the island and is being kept in a state of preservation by the National Park Service and many volunteers.

When we arrived, we were the only visitors. Just before we left, two boats with hundreds of visitors arrived. We were glad we did the early morning trip.

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