The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008 travel blog

the mom-to-be

grandma and mom-to-be

forever sisters

the aunt

preparing the feast

the spread

the attendees

some of the booty

cake made of diapers

who's the baby?

We've come north as a cold front came south and the ten minutes of sleet reminded us how lucky we have been to be away from home this winter. We dug the parkas out from under the bed and settled in. Our campground is deep in a holler in the piney woods and our satellite dish is incommunicado. We have a cable TV cable, but it doesn't work. The campground has internet service, but the signal is weak and we can't hold onto it long enough to accomplish much. This truly feels like camping. However, we are only fifteen minutes from our ultimate destination here.

We've left the tourist trail to come to Athens, the home of the University of Georgia and the home of our niece who is months away from having her first child. Our already small family has been shrinking lately and we are all thrilled that Baby Cyrus will be joining us. His father-to-be and all the other menfolk were not invited to the shower, so the ladies, both young and old, were unrestrained in their conversation and laughter. It was an eclectic group - the aunt-to-be, childhood friends from the old neighborhood, undergraduate college buddies and current friends from the veterinary program our niece is enrolled in. The old folks were the grandma-to-be, her friend from many years past, and the elderly aunt - me! Some of the bright and talented young ladies flew in from across the country, leaving law school and doctoral programs, to celebrate the new baby. I very much value the fact that I am still in touch with some of my old college buddies. When we meet periodically there's something special about being with people exactly your age, who knew you before you got wrinkles and gray hair. I hope our nieces will be able to keep these ties with their friends wherever their careers and families lead them.

We watched the video of the sonogram and played silly games and feasted on vegetarian fare. It was a great party and I felt honored to be a part of it.

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