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We found some snow - Around 6500' elevation

Huge Pine Trees

Downed Pine Tree

Got Wind!

Roadrunner - Sunning his back just outside the door.

Merry Christmas everyone! We made it down to near San Diego. We are about 20 miles away and are out in the boonies. We have no cell coverage here so we will have to drive toward town to get signal. We will call people when we go to town. For Christmas day we took a drive up into the San Bernardino mountains to seek out some snow and possibly see some critters. A Long windy road up about 6000' from where we were, it seemed to go on forever. Lots of hairpin turns and cliff edges to look over. After we got up there the roads opened up and the area turned into a large Alpine meadow with lots of pine trees and grass lands. It looked like a great area to see Elk or Mule deer or even Big Horn sheep. They are all supposed to be in the area, but only a small Mule deer came out to play while we were there. They are also supposed to have Cougars in that area, but again no show. We did not spend enough time in any one area to be able to spot anything moving around though. The whole area was beautiful though and we had a great time wandering around up there. We found some huge pines up there and they produce some very large pine cones and we picked up a couple. A couple of days earlier we took a trip to one of the wine country valleys here, we of course had to do some sampling of the local favorites and found a couple of new reds that we both like. Another very scenic ride but we were around sea level and it was a lot warmer than the mountains. The buzz made the drive even better but it turned out to be a long ride home afterward. Still a great time though.

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