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Sand River

Sand River

The beach at Batchawana Bay - Lake Superior

Janine testing the waters

Today was mainly a "driving day" as opposed to a ride. We followed the TransCanada Highway for 560 km from Nipigon to Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior.

The scenery was very good but as with yesterday, repetative; lakes, rocks, trees, trees, lakes, rocks, lakes, rocks, more lakes, more rocks and yet more trees. It is a very, very long drive along the north shore of Lake Superior.

The upside was that the traffic was fairly light and the weather cool; just right in fact. We also saw a black bear with a cub, a moose with a calf and a deer with twin fawns still sporting their spots.

Near the end of the day we stopped at Sand River which is very scenic with rapids cascading down the rock as the river empties into Lake Superior.

We stopped for the day at Batchawana Bay which boasts a 2 km white sand beach on Lake Superior. The beach was lovely, the water was crystal clear and surprisingly (at least to us) the water was very warm. I guess coming from the Alberta foothills we are not used to dipping our feet in a warm lake.

Tomorrow we plan to get up early and get going. We can hardly wait to see some more lakes, trees and rocks as we continue along the north shore.

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