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Well we arrived in Kathmandu feeling slightly hungover from the night before in Dhaka. Our guide Puru met us at the Airport gave us both a garland each then almost immediatley wanted the money of us!! He intoduced us to who will be our guide for the trek itself and he goes by the name of KC, so we have decided we are the sunshine band. We are going a day earlier now which will give us more time in Khatmandu at the end. We have beens to the shops and got kitted out with our last little bits. Helen insisited we buy poncho's incase it rains and we have walking sticks as well, so we will look like a right pair of spotters!! Our hotel is good, a little oasis in this bustling City, although this morning I was awake and noticed a cockroach crawling over Helens bed, I again came to the rescue and flicked the thing away. It was massive and had love and hate on his anntenae, when he bounced of the door there was a thud!! Khatmandu is not quite what I was expecting it is much bigger than I anticipated, it is not the less a fanstastic and vibrant place with lots going on. We fly up to Lukla tomorrow to pick up out sherpa ( a bloke who carries our bags not a van)and set off on our first leg. We fly with Buddha Airlines, I will feel at home with my little belly, got it in before you all!! I was gutted yesterday, the memory stick with all my photo's on from Russia and Mongolia decided it wasn't going to work. Fortuntaly I had downloaded them onto out Tour Leaders computer so will hopefully be able to get a copy of him. This morning we visited the Hindu Temple which was in the Michael Palin programme on the Himamlayas, it's where they cremate their dead on fires by the river, amazing watching them do it and go through all the rituals, although prtobably wouldn't meet western health and safety criteria. Sick of Michael Plain already, every bloody Nepalese has met him apparently. When we were at the Temple as well we got dragged into a small room to hear about Milk Baba, who is Milk Baba you ask, well thats what we did. One of his followers climbed down off the roof to greet us and tell us about Milk Baba, now apparently MB as he is known to his friends grows his hair long and drinks nothing but Milk, why? we couldn't establish. Helen asked his follower what he actually does to which he replied, "well I get up in the morning and go to the toilet", well so do I but nobody worships me! Apparently MB is currently in the US teaching, probably milk recipes! Shopping here is fantastic so any request put them in now, so I can them when we get back.

Hope your all well


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