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Welsh Town - Longest name in the world

Llandudno Train Station

The Evans Hotel in Llandudno

North Shsore of Llandudno

Hotels along the North Shore of Llandudno

Hotels along the North Shore of Llandudno towards the Pier

Buildings on Mostyn Street in Llandudno

Holy Trinity Cathedral in Llandudno (1)

St John's Methodist Church in Llandudno

Building in Llandudno (1)

St. Georges Hotel in Llandudno

White Heather Hotel in Llandudno

Buillding in Llandudno (2)

The Castle Hotel in Llandudno

This morning after breakfast we packed up our backpacks and headed down to the ferry port to catch the ferry from Dun Laoghaire back to Holyhead in Wales. Upon our arrival we caught the train and decided to get off in Llandudno (pronounced Clan did no)......on the way we passed thru the Welsh town that has the longest name in the world....(please see picture for spelling) has 59 letters and I doubt that anyone except a Welshman could pronounce it....The town of Llandudno is a seaside resort and retirement village. There are a number of tourists here now, even though tourist season doesn't start in earnest until July and there are a lot of seniors that live here as well. We found a room at a hotel B & B near the train station and then walked around town which is comprised of a lot of hotels and shops for the well as where the retirees live....most of the buildings are Victorian style with a lot of pastel colours which is a nice change from the stone/brick and stone/brick and more stone/brick buildings we have grown accustomed to seeing during the last two weeks......after dinner we wandered into an amusement arcade which had some slot machines to play and after playing 5 pounds we got lucky and won 100 pounds...yippee..helped to pay for our stay in Llandudno.... anyways, off to bed to see what tomorrow will bring....

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