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Took a quick picture out the windshield of the truck as we...

The dam at Alamo Lake. You can see that the water is...

Another view of Alamo Lake.

Here we are back in Salome. We have two weeks before we have to be at the Escapee Park, North Ranch for the Woodcarvers Rally. Therefore, we didn't want to travel too far south. We enjoyed Desert Vista RV Park last month when it was cold and it will be even better this month as the temperature warms up.

And warm up it has: The predicted high is 92 today. This is just a week after me complaining of being cold all of the time. Ron is out sunning and reading a book while I update this page.

Last night we sat outside until after sunset. The neighbors have a hummingbird feeder set up and we watched the hummers come to feed. I think there was 4 of them - a big male, 2 smaller males and a female. The female and one of the smaller males seemed to be dominate. They fought over the feeder but all seemed to get enough to eat. It was fun to watch them feed and then dart away.

The only problem we have with this park is that our plan on our Verizon Cell phone roams at this point and can potentially cost us a fortune. Last month when I was here we paid close to $40 in roaming charges - so we have turned off our phone, left a voice mail message saying that we don't have service so either email us or leave a message. We then go to the other side of the mountain every couple of days to pick up our voice mail.

We will probably go check on our lot sometime today or tomorrow. We couldn't see any progress when we drove by yesterday - but we didn't stop.

This has been a great two weeks that flew by too fast. When we checked in Byron and Vera, two of our SKP friends were checking in at the same time. We have spend happy hours and hours in the pool with them. They are also going to North Ranch for the Woodcarver's Rally so we will see them for another week.

The second day we were here, we got an email from Terry and Connie, who were looking at a lot at Eden Park where we have bought an RV lot. We met them in Quartzsite and picked each other's brains. They wanted to know about Eden Park and we wanted to know about 4 wheelers. It was a really nice time.

Last weekend (March 17) Connie emailed me and told me they were putting in the walls at the park. We drove over there and checked it out. They had the back footing in with the re-bar and were going to start laying block the next day. It makes us excited as it looks like something is finally happening at the lot.

Tomorrow we travel again. This has been great for working on craft projects, reading books, soaking in the pool and hot tub and generally relaxing. I have also started my database for selling ads at Goshen and plotted our quick trip across 2/3 of the US in 6 weeks from the Spring to Fall Escapade. We have to be in Goshen by June 17.

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