Mexico Bound - Winter 2007 travel blog

on the road

burro crossing

flowering trees

government housing


taking the oranges to market

bow down to the orange!

orange trees

fruit stand

building oil drilling platform

We were dreading this day. On our way south the route we took today, was grueling, bumpy, and took forever. We were not looking forward to having to retrace our steps. Either we have gotten used to all the bumps, agressive drivers,and animals in the street or the drive was not as bad as we remembered. In fact, we swore that some of the worst stretches of road had been repaved in the five weeks we have been gone. Mexico is definitely hard at work improving things. A steady stream of vehicles towing other vechicles passed us going south. In some cases they were American school buses; in other cases they were regular car haulers, packed to the gills with all manner of damaged rolling stock. It felt like the local demoltion derby had just come to an end. One of us talked to one of the drivers who said these vehicles had been purchased on the cheap in the US and were being taken down to Guatemala to be repaired and resold. It's had to imagine that these beaters would be worth the long drive down there, but having wheels is better than having no wheels, whatever their condition.

The scenery seemed far less strange and exotic than it did on the trip down. Of course, people are selling orange juice and collecting money for the local ambulence service as we lurch over the topes in their town. Of course, we have to slow down for a burro crossing the road in front of us at a very leisurely pace. Of course, we have to stand in a long line to pay a toll for potholes and narrow pavement. Of course, there is a cow's head as well as other pieces of its anatomy hanging in the open air at the butcher shop. Want some fresh fruit? It's hard to decide which stand to patronize; there are so many. Why wouldn't the tiniest, grimiest little home have a string of extremely white laundry dryiing on the line outside? We may suffer from culture shock all over again when we return to the US....

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